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  Why bother with drum lessons anyway?

After all, it’s not unheard of to come across the odd

great drummer confessing that they had few, or no lessons at all...that they were self taught. Whilst this approach might work for some it’s fair to say the vast majority of accomplished players subscribe to the view that regular, high quality tuition is an invaluable tool in unlocking potential and realising ambitions. It would be wrong to suggest that lessons are the be all and end all and, indeed, there are times when lessons may not necessarily be the best approach...any self respecting teacher should be able to recognise those times. But for all the rest, lessons can really...really...really help!!


        The time and frustration that a bit of guidance can save you, not to mention the benefits of just

getting used to playing in front of and having your playing accessed by an experienced teacher can’t be overestimated

                    As with any serious endeavour, learning a musical instrument is a long-term commitment and you need to be dedicated. When working things out for yourself you might occasionally come across some nugget of information, for instance the answer to a technical problem you’ve been stuck on for some time. It may have just been a passing comment from a drummer on a video or in a magazine article, but it profoundly helps you overcome the block. Regular lessons can greatly increase these instances. In fact, to such an extent that many become subliminal, having a cumulatively very powerful effect on your progress over time.

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